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I am profoundly glad for having this privilege to express my view for reaching the goal in respect of our college Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis Mahavidyalaya where I have joined the vacant post of Principal with effect from 03.7.2015. Though I am newly acquainted with this college but I can relate the overall situation transparently as I have joined here leaving the post of Principal of another college.
The location of our college with its natural environment is rare in Kolkata area. Communication facilities of the area are out of question. The infrastructure of the college is undoubtedly praiseworthy. The question of hygiene is no doubt favourable. The big lake round the college has added an extra-ordinary view of the college. The portrait which has been painted till now is external.
The inner part of the college is also, more or less well equipped. Laboratories together with the digital class-room, big library, Women's Hostel, Multi-gym, high power generating electric generator etc. add much to its inner position.
Within the purview of my immediate destination there is i) introducing Physics as a new and one of the leading subjects of the modern time and consequently opening of Physics Laboratory so as to meet the demands of local students. Further my endeavour runs to introduce some self-financing courses so as to strengthen the financial position of the college as well as facilitate the students and satisfy their awaiting looks.
More or less, the mission and vision of every educational institution resemble to each other and that is to run with flourishing activities, to become outstanding among many, to contribute our soil a lot etc. and etc. But my view deserves some latent flavor and that is not only reproducing man and woman with earning huge amount of money, name, fame, acquaintance over boundary etc. but also to turn them into a complete man breathing spiritual essence of humanity. For that purpose I have the latent desire to introduce participation of the students in ethical education to be scattered by different renowned organizations of our soil.
Stalwarts are always there among our students. Our duty is to bring up, nourish and help them flourish with their basic instincts. We have to supply proper nutrition to the green and soft minds. Mere money-earning oriented education cannot build an ideal human society.
In conclusion, I like to say that we, every human being comes in the earth with different debts – such as our indebtedness to our parents, family, kith and keen, society and as well as to our country. As I am in the field of teaching, my motivation runs with the view of man-making, making complete man to lessen the amount of my all round indebtedness. Last but not the least, my concrete base is optimism and that knows no bound.

Dr. Shyamal Karmakar,
Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis Mahavidyalaya.
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Our Vision

  • Investment in Higher education is the only way to rapid development of a country.
  • Access to Higher education should be the right of each and every citizen.
  • In education teachers' role, behaviour life-style and character are the most valuable wealth.
  • Only sound administration can ensure a good academic environment within an institution.

Our Ambition

  • To make our Mahavidyalaya a perfect and self-sufficient institution.
  • To create a complete pollution-free, sustainable, healthy academic environment through gradual cultural and administrative development.
  • Ultimately to make our institute a potential centre of excellence for higher studies.